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Cell division

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    could anybody be kind to explain what is cell division to me please? i only know is that its chromotins duplicated.
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    hi no idea!

    i think that question is to broad to reply here, maybe it is better that you do a google search. it will give you better understanding than anyone here can give, i think :smile:
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    Another God

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    Hmmm, it is sort of hard to understand on what level you want your question answered, so first of all I must say I agree with indoubt, google will answer that question better than us.

    The first part of your question makes it sound like you want to know that a cell division is when a single cell duplicates all of it's DNA, cellular structures, and grows to a point where it splits in half, resulting in two daughter cells, both of which are then able to repeat this procedure time and time again. This is how cells reproduce. This is why cells grow at an exponential rate. 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 4, 4 becomes 8 etc...

    The second sentance implies that you do actually understand the obvious and that you want an in depth explanation of all of the things which happen at the point of division... which yeah, you could get a truck load of answers. Everything happens. In fact, most of everything that happens in a cell is either a preparation for division, or a racovery from division if it isn't the division process itself. Face it, the point of life is to reproduce.

    Also, the answer to this question may also depend on what cell you want the information for. Bacteria (which one?), Yeast? Mamallian Cells? etc...
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