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Cell Notation

  1. Jun 8, 2010 #1
    Does it matter which way I have the solutions?

    i.e. is this correct (in a reaction between iron and magnesium):

    Fe2+ | Fe || Mg | Mg 2+

    Or is this correct:

    Fe | Fe2+ || Mg 2+ | Mg

    Or are they all correct, as long as I have them on the correct sides of the salt bridge?
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    i think the second one is correct. most books write it on that way. on the left side, we have to write the oxidation process, while on the right side, we have to write the reduction process. but somehow it is a bit weird, coz magnesium is more readily oxidized than iron, so magnesium is oxidized while iron is reduced under standard condition. hopefully it can help
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