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Cell theory

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    I recently started studying biology because suddenly I started getting curious about this subject. I read about the cell theory which states that all living things have cells.
    Is this necessary - that all living things have cells? Can't they have some different structure?

    Also these type of questions are repeatedly occurring like - Why this organism has this kind of structure? Why does this membrane exist?...and more. How do I answer such questions?
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    For life on earth, part of the definition of "living" we use is typically "has cell/s". Its important to remember that we are defining life here. There are things, like say a virus, which are excluded by this definition. Its very possibly somewhere out there, non-earth life isn't made of cells, but here at home cells are the theme for the most part.

    Read about evolution. It is what unifies the main axioms of biology.
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    Well, keep in mind there are many different types of cells. There are prokaryotes and eukaryotes and so on.
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