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Cells in parallel

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    When the cells are connected in parallel, what happens to the total current drawn when compared with the arrangement that the cells are connected in series?
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    That looks like something you could easily look up in text book. Have you tried that?
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    Look up Kirchoffs laws and Mesh and node analysis. It should all be in the text book
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    Then, say, when 3 cells of 1.5 V are connected in parallel with a fixed resistor, will the total current drawn be larger than the cells connected in series? Why?
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    Have you tried posting something useful up, you sarcastic prat.

    When in parallel the current is shared in each component according to (V/Ri)

    Whilst in series equal current goes through each component

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    Watch your words!!!!! :grumpy:
    Viet Dao,
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    I don't consider things that prevent a person from learning to be "useful". Being handed answers only prevents a person from learning how to do it himself. Your attitude has consistently been "Please help me trick my teacher into giving me a passing grade without actually having to learn anything." I don't understand why you bother.
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    What is the voltage of the parallel cells?

    What does Ohms law tell you about the current?
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