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Cellular antenna

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    32m away from my house there is a 5m tall cellular antenna. to prevent from electromagnetic waves from it, i have placed a metal net 1.5mm/1.5mm
    a man came to my house to measure the radiation and it said that there is radiation in the house...
    i have 3 questions;
    1)does the metal net fully block the electromagnetic radiation?
    2)I am on the last 4th floor, also, the building where the antenna is placed is right in front
    of mine, does radiation also hit the ceiling wall?
    3)in my country they sell magnetic paint, it is not written what it contains really, but
    when i put it on the walls, i can stick magnets to it and by logic, it must contain iron.....
    if i paint the walls with it, will it stop the radiation?
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    Cell phones operate in the GHz and lower. 3 GHz has a wavelength of 10 centimeters so a metallic mesh that has spacings on the order of millimeters should be an effective Faraday cage. Of course though you would need complete coverage, no gaps, all around your for it to be a true Faraday cage that would block out your desired RF radiation.

    Does your cell phone have reception in your house?
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    With the right placement of passive half-wavelength dipoles around the outside of your house, you may be able to redirect, reflect, and change the radiation pattern of the cell-phone tower. If it were much lower frequency (like 1 MHz AM tower), you could suck off some useful power.
    Bob S
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    i am very happy with your explanation with everything, its very precise and clear;
    the antenna is 2m taller than my ceiling, what about the ceiling?
    in my country they sell a magnetic paint, which after we paint the walls with it, we are able to stick magnets on it; and i think it must contain iron , however on the box it does not say what it contains. i though it might be a good idea to put it on walls and also on the ceiling if needed,
    what do you think? i see you have an understanding in this.
    and yes, there is cell phone reception in my house, but this is beacause i have only done this for one wall, not all the house and not the ceiling. and by the way, i connected the net with wires leading to the ground, this is how i was told i should do so. is it right?
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