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Homework Help: Cellullar Respiration

  1. Oct 29, 2009 #1
    I have a paper a lab discussion paper to write about Celluluar respiration. In the experiment an assortment of apples at very ages were used. The apples were put into a respirometer(sp) along with KOH pellets with a stopper that would later be injected by dye. What I donot understand is what is occuring in this process. Is the apple asorbing or giving off oxgen. What are the KOH pellets doing. I plan to write my discussion about how the fruit is losing energy as it respires thus making is uncoumable by people. In my paper I have to write about the pratical use of my findings in the experiment. I just want to make sure I am approaching the right subject. Could I also include factors like temperature as the limits of my experiment? Any addition information you might have I would appreciate.

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    Welcome eurkaryote to PH (physicsforums)!! If you haven't looked around yet, you will find a lot of interesting threads here and helpful, likeminded people. Your thread poses a fascinating topic. I wonder what level or grade is this for?

    You may also want to review some of the stickies to help you when you post. A good one to start with is this one. It reminds you how to construct a thread. For example, showing your own work. In your example, explain your own understanding or analysis of your experiment and where you become confused.

    I have never done your experiment but found the answers to your questions with proper researching on the web. Is there a special significance to the first r in your user name?
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