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Censorship in PF

  1. Mar 31, 2003 #1
    I object to you closing my poll "Who's next?" in the Politics forum. No-one else even suggested the poll was offensive or insensitive until you closed it. Far from being insensitive to the countries mentioned it was a biting comment on the US policy of global domination. I don't believe anyone in the countries I mentioned would be offended. They would see it for what it was. I think the only people who might be offended are Americans who don't like their hippocracy or aggressive tendencies pointed out to them.

    I have deliberately posted this on the feedback forum and not sent this to you in a PM. I believe that everyone should be able to see and know what kind of censorship is practiced in PF.
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    I have gotten many emails that the PaWA forum has gotten rude, crude and offensive.

    Then why don't you make a specific topic discussing "US policy of global domination" instead of listing countries like they are on the gallows.

    I'm sorry you have that perception, but I have evidence that supports otherwise.

    And what would that be. What purpose could that topic possibly hold?

    In order to maintain PF as a constructive and educational place, moderation is necessary. I wouldn't call it censorship as I have left the topic visable for anyone to read, but further discussion is not useful.

    Laser Eye, I want you thank you for bringing this up. This is a global community and we can't make everyone happy. Hopefully we can come to some understanding on this.
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    I objected. Did you not notice?

    Oh booo hooooo. I guess I wasn't reading when I registered how PF reserves the right to censor whatever whenever whyever......

    Maybe it could mean you need to put more thought into your post?
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