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Censorship on American TV

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    I just saw an episode of a program (don't remember the name) that follows cops at work. The program was really bad, but one thing stroke me. When the police arrested a girl for walking topless in the streets at night, her boobs were censored. Later they captured a riotous guy who had pissed on a building. They forced him violently to the ground and fought with him till his face was covered in blood. Nothing was censored.

    What are they thinking? Are a couple of boobs really more harmful than watching a violent fight?

    One can watch war, killing and all kinds on misery in the news every day, but something as natural and guiltless as a woman's body has to be censored?
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    i have to agree with you. a woman should be able to walk around wearing as little as she pleases without being hassled. male nudity, however, should be strictly forbidden. who the heck wants to see that?
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    I think women should be allowed to walk topless in public when men can. But that's a little off my point; what makes tits more harmful than violence? And who is this bad for? Small children, whose first experience in this world was sucking tits?
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    I'd like to suggest to you, leopard, that you substitute "breasts" for the word you would prefer to use. This is a family site, after all.
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    Last time I checked, the t-word was not considered swearing, but I'll let you have it your way.
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    You can't use that word in America it's in the http://www.google.com/search?q=consbreastution

    Actually you can use that word as long as you make it clear that it is the old english spelling of 'teat' - you don't want to annoy the Chaucer fans, they can get medieval on your ***
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    i don't understand why **** should be vulgar, but it is. actually, scratch that, i do. vulgar is from the Latin for "common". vulgar language is what is used by the ill-educated, unwashed masses of commoners, and we good decent folk prefer multisyllabic references to distinguish ourselves as non-vulgar.

    that said, "boobs" is a warm and friendly term used also by females. try boobs.
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    What an ignorant post. Do you know how many people died when Janet Jackson exposed her unmentionable? People's faces literally melted off like in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    Don't be fooled, the very thought of intercourse or of naked bodies has killed billions of people every day. Need I remind you of the Trojan war?

    There is nothing more vile and disgusting than a naked woman's body.

    Right ladies?
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    Trojan war? My pun detector just went off.
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    Justin Timberlake is about to get mauled by a cougar and all you can think of is sex? I don't care what the writers of Desperate Housewifes and Sex in the City have to say about it, it's not sexy.
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    Equus asinus

    You can be as rude as you like so long as you do it in latin and not anglo-saxon.
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    maximus boobisizeinus. Written in roman numerals as: M(.Y.)=:-)!!
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    This thread is stupid and our profanity filter is in need of calibration. Thread closed.
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