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Censureship on this site

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    I naively posted a reply to a current environmental topic only to be given a warning that this topic is off limits and is banned. I find it sinister that this should happen. I dare'nt mention the topic for fear of being banned completely but lets just say that it involves fossil fuels a well known gas and polar bears. Any one else worried about this censureship.
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    You need to know the history. Certain topics, like religion and polar bears, have been the subject of countless long, heated arguments with no possible resolution. After this happens enough times with a given topic, they decide to just put it off limits. It's not really sinister: it's mentor fatigue, like when your dad yelled, "You kids shut up back there or I'm going to stop this car and make you walk home."
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    The protocol is to send a PM to the offended mentor, or whoever didn't like your post, and ask why you got the warning, if you don't know why, rather than opening a new thread about it.

    You could also educate yourself in the topic before sending a private message by looking into the Similar Threads located at the very bottom of the screen if you like. Go tp your thread where you got the warning and look at the bottom.
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    I am generally against censorship. However I am happy that this forum has clear and enforced rules, because that what makes intelligent discussion possible. I for one found this forum because I have some questions about the mechanical parts of boat design. First I have tried the most relevant forum, but my questions there met two type of answers: hatred personal attacks I believe I did not provoke, and utter silence (in one case the only answer was that no one will answer me, and it came from a person who I know capable of answering my questions.)
    As of global warming: I thoroughly understand why the mentors have choosen this way. It is not a good thing, but certainly better than leaving those discussion to go wild. I am new here, so I am not a position to know better, however I have an idea.
    Please do not reply to the idea itself, because it can also provoke unwanted lengthy discussion. It is here just as a notice which moderators passing by might or might not consider.
    So what about two list of items:
    One is about the facts which are considered scientifically unchallanged. Those could be challenged only in (or in a similar manner than) Independent Research forum.
    One is about subtopics which forbidden.
    Now each comment would be required to cite scientific evidence from the above list for each and every claim it makes (virtually every sentence), and should not even remotely touch subtopics on the second list.
    Anything not adhering to this rule would be harshly and cruelly moderated.
    It would be throroughly painful to discuss topics this way, but not impossible. And it would make life for moderators easier.
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    believe i am fairly educated BSc physics, MSc Maths and I have educated my self in this forbidden topic. I have also looked into why this important current topic is banned and do not understand the logic in banning it
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