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Homework Help: Center of area for a square

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    are there any formula to calculate center of area for a square which has length of 400mm and a quarter of circle is cut out at the corner of the square with radius=300mm ??

    pls help.........thanx
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    add in:the question ask for the coordinates of the center of area
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    You mean center of mass? If so, where would the center of mass of the circle part be just before it is cut out? (like if that quarter circle were still there)
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    Treat the cut out portion as a "negative mass" and the full square (pre-cut) as an ordinary mass and use the usual method of summing moments in two axes.

    EDIT : In fact, I've helped another poster work through a similar problem a long while back. For some reason the search function is not working properly, but try searching under my name for "center of mass" and you might be able to locate the post. :smile:
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