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Center of buoyancy of a blimp?

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    I am looking to calculate the center of buoyancy of a model blimp envelope.
    I have calculated various cross sections of the envelope to get the total
    volume (and thus the lift) and surface area.

    By center of buoyancy I mean the point that one could tie a string and
    add a weight and the blimp would remain horizontal.

    I am working on software for model blimp developers.
    see: http://bobbear.org/rcblimp/blimpsw/index.htm
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    I think you will find that the center of buoyancy as you define it is on the vertical line passing through the center of gravity. The point of attachment will be the point where that line comes out the bottom edge of the blimp.
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    It seems you are looking to calculate the longitudinal center of buoyancy (LCB) for your blimp.

    This is a standard calculation used often in boat design. The following article shows how you can take your curve of sectional areas and calculate the LCB (See pp. 13-14):

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