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Homework Help: Center of Mass and Collision

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    A 4.00-kg block is traveling to the right at 5.50 m/s, and a second 4.00-kg block is traveling to the left at 4.00 m/s. Find the total kinetic energy of the two blocks in this reference frame.
    I did this by adding the two kinetic energies from the equation K =p^2/2m.
    It then asks:
    Find the velocity of the center of mass of the two-body system
    Find the speed of the two blocks relative to the center of mass.

    I was thinking about finding the x and y components of the collision and trying to find the answer that way but I dont know how to set up a drawing or which directions the blocks will be travelling after the collision. It has been a long week I am just confused!! Pleas help!!! :surprised
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    Collision? What collision??
    There's not a word of collision mentioned in your stated problem...:confused:
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