Center of Mass calculations

  1. Just some things I need to verify:

    When finding the x-bar of the function y=x3 using the equation:

    [itex] \bar{x} [/itex] = [itex]\frac{∫\tilde{x}dm}{∫dm}[/itex],

    Is my [itex]\tilde{x}[/itex] going to be the x distance(which will just be "x") times x3?

    Also, will x3 be in the denominator just before "dm"?

    The same process is done for the [itex]\tilde{y}[/itex], am I correct?

    If I am also given a density [itex]\rho[/itex], will that stay in front of each integrand or in front of ([itex]\frac{∫\tilde{x}dm}{∫dm}[/itex])?

    Is the same process is done for the [itex]\tilde{y}[/itex] or are there differences?

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