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Center of mass for a plate

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    A uniform plate of height 1.59 m is cut in the form of a parabolic section. The lower boundary of the plate is defined by: y=0.65x^2. Find the distance from the rounded tip of the plate to the center of mass.

    i tried to do this usin calculus and got the answer Ycm=1.01 which was wrong and used the equation given to me in class Ycm = 2/3 h which is Ycm = 1.06... which is still wrong.... can someone help me?

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    I am getting 3/5 h . I am sleepy. Let me know if this is correct.
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    yea it is how'd u get that?
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    Use the genaral formula for C.M.

    [tex]\overline{x} \int dm =\int x dm[/tex] ------------ (1)

    Choose an element of thickness dy at a distance y from the origin.

    Take [tex] \rho[/tex] as the areal mass density,

    Write expression for dm in terms of [tex] \rho[/tex] and y only.

    Use equation (1) to find the [tex]\overline{x}[/tex]
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