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Center of Mass Question

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    The Problem is the following:
    One half of a uniform circular disk of radisu 1 meter lies in the xy-plane with its diameter along the y-axis, its center at the origin, and x>0. The mass of the hallf-disk is 3 kg. Find(xcoord of center of mass, y-coord of center of mass)
    The equation of the center of mass of the coord is the following:
    x coord of center of mass = [tex]\int[/tex]x * density(x)AreaofSlice(x)dx[tex]\div[/tex][tex]\int[/tex]density(x)dx

    x coord = [tex]\int[/tex]massofslice * x [tex]\div[/tex][tex]\div[/tex] massofslice

    How would you do this problem
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    new to PF?

    it is more than just how we would do this problem but we wish to know how you may tackle it too.

    hint: perhaps first sort out what those entries in the equation mean and then go fromt there
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