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Center of mass ?

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    well as the question said, you can assume that the leg is made of two cylinders. So first, you need to think about where the centre of mass of each cylinder is.
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    Can you explain more?
    I did not understand these

    1. m1 (0,0)(0,35) and M2 as (35, 0), (53, -31.18)

    2.the midpoint of the y2 cordinate is -15.9
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    He has written down the points which are on the axes of the two cylinders, at the ends of the two cylinders. And he's using notation so that (x,y) is the coordinate of some point.

    So he's saying that the first cylinder goes from (0,0) to (0,35) i.e. the first cylinder is horizontal, with length 35. And the second cylinder goes from (35,0) to (53,-31.18), which is because the second cylinder is not horizontal.
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