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Center of Mass

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    Can we define a threshold velocity V for an object with mass(rest) M which the object at motion need to attain so that its center of mass accelerates faster than the Dimensional object?
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    Doc Al

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    Why do you think the center of mass would accelerate faster than the object itself (assuming that's what you mean)?
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    I can't even make sense out of that question! Are you referring to a fluid "object" so that some parts are moving independently of the others? If so, what do you mean by the speed or acceleration of the "Dimensional object"? And why refer to "rest mass" when you posted this under "classical physics"?
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    1st: What's a dimensional object?
    2nd: How do you define its speed if not by the speed of its center of mass as usual?
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    Since the position of the C.M of an object changes by virtue of the movement of its constituents, extremely high acceleration(alike to that experienced by an object in the vicinity of a black hole) could cause a delay in the change in position of the object relative to its C.M and the large object(black hole) would appear to have "polarised" the C.M to be contributing all of its mass to the center of mass of the large object(black hole). The object will then cease to exist as soon as it reaches the event horison whilst all its mass is now at the center of the black hole.
    N.B: Just out of curiosity.
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