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Center-Tap Rectifier

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    I've got a query on rectifiers, pls take a look at this diagram.

    If I switch the diode at the bottom around to face the opposite direction.

    Will I still get the same output wave?

    Or will I get a half-wave rectifier that looks like this? :confused:
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    Switching around either diode will result in a shorted secondary for one half of the AC cycle. With no or improper fusing something will let go (smoke).
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    If u switch the diode at the bottom around to face the opposite direction its nothing but shorting the secondry of transformer so u'll get zero voltage and the transformer. may damage

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    Think about it this way, if the current is flowing through the top, then why not continue to flow around the bottom.

    For this full wave rectifier, i suggest printing out two copies of it. 1 when the top of the transformer is +ve and 1 when its -ve. Try solving the system for each case to see what you get.
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    The best way to do it, is just go and simulate it on LTspice
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    The biggest difference between a full wave bridge and a full wave centertap is that the voltage and power lost in the diodes is less (about half) with the full wave center tap. The voltage is half and the current is double the full wave rectifier, but it requires a center tap on the transformer secondary..
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    I'm in the process of simulating center tap rectifier using synchronous rectifier rather than the usual schottky diodes to drop the power loss.
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    To turn the top circuit into a half-wave rectifier, just delete one of the two diodes.
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