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Centering equations in MS Word

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    you know, i wrote an eauqtion in word with the equation editor. the formula is centered at the page but i want to number this formula. i want the number to appear on the right hand side of the formula at the end of the sentence. So basically what i want is the formula to be centerd and the assigned number to be aligned to the right on that same sentence.

    do you know how to do that ? Word keeps aligning them both in the same way

    thanks in advance

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    I've never used the equation editor in word but one solution might be to create a two column table and then alter the 'Borders and Shading' to make it invisible to your background. You can then alter the cell alignment and column widths to suit your needs.
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    yeah thanks, somebody at the office suggested this to me too.

    thanks for the valuable advice

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    Alternatively you can also create two tabulation marks -- one centered and one on the left border (see the attached file).

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    Thanks Triss for enlarging my WORD knowledge

    i appreciate it

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    Here is a hack, if all you care about is visual appearance (and not logical grouping).
    You could create a text box with no lines and place it where you want. Then, fill in whatever you want. However, you might have watch that it stays where you want it if you edit the text.
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