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Homework Help: Central Maximum of laser light

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    Hi there.

    i solved most of this question, but am not sure about the last part and i was hoping someone would help me.

    As part of a laser light show a technician is adjusting a diffraction grating. A green laser with a wavelength of 532 nm is shone on a diffraction grating with 2700 lines/cm. The screen is 35 m from the diffraction grating.

    a. What is the distance between the slits of the diffraction grating?

    a. How far from the central maximum will the bright fringe be?

    But i don't know how to caluclate the distance between the central maximum and bright fringe.. and i was hopeing somone would explain how to me.
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    The distance between the diffraction slits is just D=2700/100=2.7*10^-5 m. X is the distance between the bright fringes (or between the dark fringes).
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    Thanks Ideasrule .
    Really appreciate it
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