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Central Potential Problem

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    How can I calculate the AM and energy of each level in a resulting multiplet of a particle of spin=1/2 with orbital AM quantum number, L=2 subject to a spin orbit potential,
    i am at my wits end! :cry: :cry: :cry:
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    [tex] \hat{\vec{J}}=\hat{\vec{L}}+\hat{\vec{S}} [/tex]

    Use the C-G theorem to generate the irreducible spaces and the C-G formula to find the basis in such spaces.
    Then,once u got the basis,then,using perturbation theory for a nondegenerate energy level

    [tex] \Delta E^{(1)} =\langle n,j,m_{j} |\hat{V}|n,j,m_{j}\rangle [/tex]

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    Cheers mate, I can do it now.
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