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Centre of the earth is hotter than the sun

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    I have heard that the centre of the earth is hotter than the sun, and it is the place where hell is. What are your opinions on this?
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    Yes.... Yes it is....
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    i do not think that the center of the earth is anywhere near as hot as the center of the sun. and as for this being the location of 'hell', i doubt it even further. if by hell you mean that down there there are little demons with pitchforks and fire and brimstone.
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    To hell with it !
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    If the center of the Earth was hotter than the Sun, then I thnk that there would be nuclear reactions taking place down there would be doing some funky things to the surface...you know, anywhere from your constant volcanic eruptions and earthquakes to a jumble of exploding pieces, to making it gaseous.
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    Actually I think there was something on the Discovery Channel recently, I think it was a take off from Jules Verne's, "A Journey to the Center of the Earth," where they spoke of the temperature of the center of the earth approaching the temperature of the sun's surface, around 14,000 degrees Farenheit I believe?
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    the temperature of the plasma in the sun is over 100 million degrees.
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    most superstitious legends say it is hell in the center of the earth.
    and Jesus was probably burned there now.
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    Where is the plasma located? On the surface or elsewhere? I have a hard time believing the Discovery Channel would say something as erroneous as this? Not unless I didn't hear it correctly?
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    Heck. I once heard it's so hot in the center of the Earth it can be likened to a fiery metal ball, much hotter than fire in its gaseous state. If such were the case then how come planets don't act like paperweights, they behave like bubbles floating in space instead. and if such source of light transmit data in such as data from sunlight transmit and prod a beanpod to grow, then the idea of it'l shake ur world.

    However if questions still persists, one may type on a search engine 'hollow earth', or the memoirs of Admiral Byrd. A caution though, the individual was gagged so kids it's probably something your grandparents aren't supposed to know. It would be understandable if reactions may vary or branding it as superstition. As for the rest, it gets going to be open minded but discerning. Life's mysteries is not limited to the boob tube and puppet media alone.

    On the issue of 'hell' spare the bigotry of identifying unknown paradise as such. These are probably states of Consciousness, and hell most likely is a state where ignorance, arrogance and chaos divides between their and other dimensions, and ours.
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    It is hot down there, but not as how as even parts of the sun.

    As to it being the location of a supernatural punishment zone? I do not respect this point of view.
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    While "hell" is a religious issue (and one not supported by the Bible, btw), I do feel compelled to explain that the center of the Earth cannot be anywhere near as hot as the center of the sun.

    If you were to take a teaspoon-full of the plasma at the center of the sun, and set it down on Earth, everything within a 100-mile radius, would be incinerated.
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    practically every part of the sun is over millions of degrees, but yes, it is hotter in the core.
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    saint, you're looking to piss a lot of people off with statements like that. (even if they are jokes)

    in conclusion to the thread, i think we can safely conclude that the center of the earth is no where near as hot as any part of the sun.
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    i just realized, this thread should have been titled "Hell on Earth". i just wanted to add that...
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    I personally think that hell, along with heaven, is a state of mind or a moment in life

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    what lies do you believe?

    hell only exists if you believe in it.
    it is the afterlife and so, since many people believed in it, they may end there but the center of this earth may be worse then hell after all because nothing can survive there.
    but i don't believe in hell cos there is no such thing.
  19. Jun 26, 2003 #18
    hey, did you know that scientists know exactly the temperature of hell? it's the temperature at which brimstone will remain a solid!
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    Hell is right here:
    The slum in Brazil/Bangladesh/India etc........
    The crime-beridden cities like LA, NY etc.......
    Jail, where the criminals get bullied and treated inhmanely......

    and many others.....:frown:
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