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Centrifugal pump not working

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    hello guys heres another question
    my pump not pumping liquied althoug the pump is under the tank why ???
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    Pump basics...Have you looked at:
    - Making sure the pump has a good prime (most likely the cause).
    - Making sure the pump driver is rotating in the right direction.
    - Making sure the pump is not deadheaded.
    - Making sure your flow instrumentation is correct.
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    along with what fred said, make sure that the piping does not form an "air trap" which could allow a pocket of air to fill inside of the pump cavity. Input and output lines that come out of the pump and go down can cause this. It makes the pump the place where all air slowly collects.

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    Does it have source power?
    Is it turned on?
    Does the motor driving the pump rotate?
    Are the isolation valves open?
    Is the impeller damaged?

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