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Centrifuge problem

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    I have a problem with a small physics problem. It requires some knowledge of calculus which I dont yet posses Im looking here for ideas. The problem states that there is a centrifuge tube with a lenght 12cm that is caused to spin by a rotating arm with lengt 8 cm. The tube is filled with 10 cm of a homogenous liquid with density p. It is rotating at a full angular velocity w and its travelling fast enough to be almost horizontal.

    The question requires me to show that the resultant pressure of the liquied at a distance r from the axis of rotation is delta p/ delta r= prw^2

    any suggetions on how to get this result?
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    Doc Al

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    Start by writing the net force on a small slice (thickness delta r) of the liquid. Use Newton's 2nd law to find that force. The acceleration is centripetal.
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