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Homework Help: Centripetal acceleration problem

  1. Oct 18, 2005 #1
    ok i have this problem

    A train traveling at a constant speed rounds a curve of radius 375 m. A chandelier suspended from the ceiling swings out to an angle of 18.0° throughout the turn. What is the speed of the train?

    so far i have 9.8sin(18)=(v^2)/375
    v^2/R being force
    and i got V=33.7 but it was wrong and just for kicks i switched from sin to cos and i still got the wrong answer im not sure where i've gone wrong

    thanks for your help,
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    Doc Al

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    Not sure where you got that equation. (And v^2/R is the centripetal acceleration, not force.)

    Analyze the forces acting on the chandelier and apply Newton's 2nd law. (Hint: Analyze the vertical and horizontal components separately.)
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