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Centripetal acceleration

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    HELP....new physical science student seeking to understand physics. Can you help me with this problem

    A race car goes around a level, circular track with a diameer of 1.00 km at a constant speed of 90.0 km/h. What is the car's centripetal acceleration in m/s2?

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    Hi marla,
    Seeking to understand, or just want the solution to the problem...?:rolleyes:

    Either way, please observe the forum template;
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    i need help with the formula to solve this problem. I know this is probably a super simple question but I am a struggling science student that really wants to be successful in this class. Don't just want the answer....want to understand how to solve.
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    Would it help if I told you that centripetal acceleration is somehow related to tangential and angular velocity?
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