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Centripetal Force

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    I need help! I've tried so many methods but am still coming up blank.

    "The same car now travels on a straight track and goes over a hill with radius 154m at the top. What is the maximum speed that the car can go over the hill without leaving the road? (m/s)"

    Important Details:
    • Mass = 509 kg
    • Hill Radius = 154m
    • Coefficient of Static Friction = 0.275
    • Gravity = 9.8 m/s²

    Looking for Maximum Velocity! Help please
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    What have you tried that you think is relevant? Why does the speed make any difference? What is it about the motion of this car that makes the speed important? Is there a net force required to make the car travel the way it does? Is there any connection between the speed and the force.
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