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Homework Help: Centripetal force

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    I have this question for physics and I can't figure it out! A person who weighs 35.0 kg rides a theme park ride. If the ride starts at rest and reaches angular speed of 1 radian/sec in 14sec. The angular acceleration would be .071 rad/sec^2 (i think-haha). Now if the angular speed remains constant until it starts to brake (angular speed becomes half) How many complete rotations if the ride lasts for 2.25 minutes?
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    Calculate the number of radians passed during the first 14 seconds of angular acceleration:
    [tex]\Delta \theta = \frac{1}{2}\alpha t^2[/itex]
    Then you have 2.25 minutes - 14 seconds of constant angular velocity.
    [tex]\Delta \theta = \omega t[/tex]

    I`m assuming the ride comes to a grinding halt after this period. I couldn't understand the '(angular speed becomes half)' when braking starts - part.
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