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Homework Help: Centripital Force of the Earth

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    Calculate the centripital force exerted on the Earth by the Sun. Assume that the period of one revolution is 365.25 days. The average distance is 1.5X10^8 km and the Earth's mass is 6X10^24 kg.

    ok so first I turned the time into seconds. Then I tried to find the velocity of the Earth using the equation:
    so that became:
    so the velocity was 29.86531 m/s
    I then plugged it into the equation
    so F=(6X10^24)(29.86531)^2/(1.5X10^8)

    apparently that was the wrong answer. I was hoping that someone could see what I did wrong and help me out.
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    In the next line did you convert km to m?
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    no I did not. Lemme see if that works now
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    Thank you so much!
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