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Cepheides help

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    Hello, I'm going to make a paper concerning Cepheid variable stars. I need some theory and information about these to put in the report.

    It could be some history or exiting facts.. Anything..

    Thanks :)
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    Try "cepheid stars" on google. You'll get more information than you can handle.
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    "You'll get more information than you can handle."

    That's precisely why I'm asking here instead :P
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    You might want to try Wikipedia. It is highly reliable, and the chances of someone vandalizing Cephelid Binaries is very low.

    I'll contribute a bit...

    The stars orbit a common center of gravity and the system always contains more than one star. The center of gravity doesn't have to be another star, but a place where their gravity neutralizes each other.
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    Try these:

    http://www.peripatus.gen.nz/Astronomy/CepVar.html [Broken]
    http://articles.adsabs.harvard.edu/cgi-bin/nph-iarticle_query?1991AJ....101.1795M&data_type=PDF_HIGH&type=PRINTER&filetype=.pdf [Broken]
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