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Ceramic Brakes

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    Hello guys, my name is Danny and I am a mechanical engineer going through my undergrad and i have a question. Right now I am still doing my lower division courses and one of the things i need to do is to write a paper about ceramic brakes and the manufacturing process. So far I have borrowed a couple of books and all they had was information about the composition and information about ceramic material being a polymer. So far I have had no luck about finding the manufacturing process of these type of brakes. Hopefully someone on this forum can help me on this problem. Thanks alot.

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    You probably won't find much on the actual process to manufacture these brakes. The process is probably under lock and key and only the plant producing the brake pads has access to the full process.

    Sorry, you probably didn't want to read that.

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    dam that sucks. well thanks for your response. I rather have that than go crazy over trying to find it.
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