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Ceramic Cutting Tools

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    Could somebody help me to get information of cutting speed and depth of cut for ceramic cutting tools?
    I would need to have a data for all the ceramic types.
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    The manufacturer's technical data sheets should tell you everything you need to know.

    A vague question gets a vague answer, so as a guide, for turning, carbide coated tools run at cutting speeds from 25-360m/s, at feed speeds between 0.25-1.5mm/rev.
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    Clearing up!

    Thanks Brewnog!!

    The thing is, at the company that I work will start to sell Ceramic Cutting Tools and I don't have a technical sheet for it, therefore I want a help to get it in order to formulate one of our own.

    Thanks for your help!
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    I wouldn't start recommending customers with feeds and speeds based on the information I gave you; those details were just typical values for a wide range of workpiece materials and tool types.

    The tool manufacturer will be able to give you all the technical data you need.
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    It happens that my sister company is the manufacturer and they don't have this info., therefore I need to put it together in order to start selling it.
    I've got some info. from Kennametal, but it's metal inserts.

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    I'm a bit concerned that the manufacturer doesn't have information for safe cutting speeds, let alone recommended feeds and speeds!
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    I guess that's no-brand quality right there.
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