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Ceramic density

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    Hi, I'm looking the mass density of superconductor YBaCuO. Everywhere I look tells me it's critical temperature and all other relevant coefficient values, but no one bothers to mention the basic property of mass/volume. I hope someone can help. Thanks.
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    You can calculate this quanity very easily form the unit cell.
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    Yup, I suppose I was being stuborn. I expected to find the value on the web or books in 2 minutes, didn't, and couldn't bring myself to give up. Finally did, but I should have just calculated.
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    Keep in mind that "YBaCuO" is a very generic name for this family. Do you mean the 123 compound, or the 124 compound, etc...? This can determine the number of CuO layers per unit cell. Also note that the "unit cell" for YBCO (and other high-Tc ceramics) isn't that trivial.

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    Got that covered Zz, thanks.
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    This paper has some density of YBaCuO reported - 5.38-5.43 g/cm3. The authors were measuring the mass attenuation coefficient of X-rays.


    Measurement of mass attenuation coefficients for YBaCuO superconductor at different energies
    U Çevik1, H Baltas2, S Çelik2, I Karaca3 and I Kopya1
    1 Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Physics, 61080 Trabzon, Turkey
    2 Karadeniz Technical University, Rize Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Physics, 53100 Rize, Turkey
    3 Nigde University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Physics, 51200 Nigde, Turkey

    To access it, one needs to register and set up a 'free' account. Otherwise one only accesses the abstract which does not provide the details.

    I would recommend completing the calculation of density which would be the theoretical value.
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