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Ceramic Mugs

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    How is starbucks ceramics mugs differed to other ceramics in the chemical composition?

    What is the advantage of ceramics mug versus glass mug (and why don't I see the latter)?
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    There might be a physical advantage but be open to the possibility that it's just custom, not any practical advantage. Personally, I think it's a much better aesthetic choice.

    Are you saying you've never seen a glass beer mug?
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    jim mcnamara

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    Some glass formulations are prone to shatter/crack from heat shock - cold cup + boiling liquid. This is less likely to happen with other materials.

    I think that restaurants are extremely accident averse - regarding customers and hot water. So if in the past they got great deals on glass mugs not meant for hot liquids, and they misused them, then they got 'burned'. Now they are glass-shy.

    Most restaurants serve hot beverages in paper - in the places I can afford anyway.
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    Glass mugs don't leak chemicals but could ceramic mugs leak chemicals?
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    Another comparison is that ceramics used in mugs have a lower thermal conductivity than glass and thus are easier to handle when hot liquids are placed into them. That property also gives them a small advantage for maintaining the temperature of the contents. This is not a generalization on ceramics just an observation of every ceramic mug I have ever encountered.

    Are you sure about that? What composition is the glass?

    Depending on the glaze material it is possible. One would hope that a vessel designed for food use would have materials selected to not leach or be harmful.

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