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Certain Options in BIOS

  1. Feb 25, 2010 #1
    1) What would happen if I enable the ACPI APIC function in BIOS ?

    2) What would happen if I enable ACPI 2.0 Support in BIOS ?

    3) What would happen if I enable or change some settings in NVIDIA RAID function in BIOS ?
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    As far as I know the ACPI is responsible for generation of information critical to the system hardware, like CPU temperature, laptop lid status, battery status, etc... and In my laptop my power button press is also notified as an ACPI event

    If you shutdown the ACPI, all this information will be lost.

    The RAID that you see in your bios is a hardware raid. It's only beneficial if you have more than one hard driver. RAID is a way by which you can double the security or the speed of 2 or more hardrives.
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    Yeah, and be careful with BIOS settings.
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