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Cert'd Physics Teacher searching for Grad Level

  1. Nov 30, 2011 #1

    I am a certified High School Physics Teacher employed by a local school district. I was attempting to pursue a Masters of Ed in Sec Ed. Physics at a local university, when after completing a full semester, I was then informed that I would be unable to complete such a program...because that program does not exist for graduate levels students. Apparently it never has, even though it is clearly stated in the graduate level literature.
    The head of the graduate college replied "Can't you just go for Biology or go for a principal cert?"

    I am looking for a worthwhile program to become a better physics/science teacher in order to more successfully enable students to become better learners.

    Does anyone out there have any advice or perspective on any quality Physics or Science Education Masters programs online? It seems rather difficult to wade through the information online.

    Thank you for your help!!
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