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Certitude of results

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    Whyis it easier to disprove something than to prove something?

    Why can you have more certainty of something being untrue?
    Why is it hard to say something is true if the experiment's result yields it being true? Why is it a 'big maybe'?
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    Are you asking a math question or a science question?

    In math finding a counterexample is the easiest way to disprove something.

    In science you can never "prove" anything. If the idea leads to many verifiable experiments then it could be an acceptable theory. One experiment may not be enough.
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    It is a statistics question. I followed the example of the 'swan experiment'.
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    I am not familiar with the swan experiment. Does it have anything to do with black swans?
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    Direction of Entropy

    The direction of entropy: it is easier to destroy than create
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