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Cesium and Thallium

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    It goes like this, very simple:

    How and where can cesium and thallium be used?
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    Here are two:

    Radioisotopes of both elements are used in nuclear medicine for the diagnosis of various medical conditions.

    Cs-137 is also used as a source for radiotherapy machines, to kill cancer cells.

    - Warren
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    Here is another for thallium..

    Thallium bromide-iodide crystals have been used as infrared optical materials.

    Thallium along with sulfur or selenium and arsenic is used to produce low melting glasses witch become fluid between 125 and 150C. These glasses have properties at room temperatures similar to ordinary glasses and are said to be durable and insoluble in water.

    Thallium oxide has been used to produce glasses with a high index of refraction
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    But thallium is poisonous as well isn't it? I once saw a crime programme on Discovery Channel where a murderer had used thallium to kill a man.

    Can I buy cesium or thallium at a chemist's store?
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    Why would you want to do that?
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    Cannot answer that.
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