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CFD formulation problem.

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    Please, can somebody help in a problem related to FD and outlined below.
    I need to formulate a problem for the following question: modeling of liquid flows during a process of pumping from open storages. A liquid is high viscous waste similar to highly viscous oils. It is layered waste from coke making and petroleum refining plants. The waste are stored in nature reservoirs like a lagoons having three layers and it must be pumped with partly heating in predetermined depth.
    Is the following formulation right and can be solved using current CFD codes: "Investigation of liquid flow of viscous incompessible layered waste in 2-D stationary laminar flow during a process of pumping from storages of industrial plants"?
    Please, maybe somebody can suggest how to correct or complicate the formulation, may be by addition heating process problem or other definition for the Navier-Stokes equations?

    Thank you in advance!
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    Maybe it is a bit complex for me giving you the OK for your problem. You should specify more the geometry and flow.

    At first sight I think that Incompressible Flow N-S equations are accurate for your purposes. Don't worry about heating. The heating will only affect to temperature field, only and only if the viscosity doesn't depends on temperature. If viscosity depends on temperature, then both momentum, continuity and energy equations are coupled.
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