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CFD of pressure reducing regulator - Please help

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    I'm looking for an example of CFD analysis on a pressure reducing regulator. I think may be fairly complicated because the main valve position is not fixed but rather controlled by the pressure differential acting across the valve, the main valve spring, and the load spring minus the pressure acting on the regulator's sensor. So to me it seems like this would be quite a bit more complicated to set up than say, the classic globe valve demo where the valve position is fixed.
    I use solidworks but I don't have the flow sim package yet. I've looked around a little for a decent example of a flow sim on a pressure reducing regulator (using any CFD package) without any luck yet. Ideally, I'd like to eventually be able to set up simulations under many conditions in order to generate theoretical flow curves for regulators with large flow capacities which would be expensive to test directly.
    Anyone know where I could find some examples or demos for something like this? Do you think that this kind of analysis could be set up in solidworks flow sim and yield reasonably meaningful data?

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