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B CFD & Pilot waves

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    In standard Bohmian Mechanics, does the pilot wave support counterfactual definiteness? How about other variants of BM, don't they? Can you mention or bring up a site that summarize all variants of BH and whether the pilot wave in each support counterfactual definiteness. Thank you.
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    The term 'support counterfactual definiteness (CFD)' is a bit vague. Let's interpret it as meaning that, in that theory, no contradictions with experimental results are derived by assuming CFD.

    Bohm's Pilot Wave theory can allow CFD without contradicting the experimental observations from Aspect et al, because it does not assume Locality. Bell's paper assumes CFD and Locality and derived inequalities that appear to have been violated by the Aspect et al experiments. So either CFD or Locality has to be discarded.

    Bohm's theory discards Locality - by allowing the hidden variables to be global, rather than local to the particles in question (the information is contained in the pilot wave) - so it can keep CFD.
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    Supposed the quantum vacuum could act as randomizer to the pilot wave, randomizing the phases making it indeterministic.. can bohmnian mechanics become indeterministic.. I seem to read that BM is all about determinism.. but could other sources of random generators make it indeterministic?
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