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CFD Software

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    For a research project, I am in need of CFD software. Does anybody know any relatively inexpensive, or free, software I may purchase that will help me?

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    If one is doing a research project, I have to wonder if inexpensive or free would be sufficient in terms of capability or quality.

    The biggies are CFX and FLUENT (both by ANSYS) and Star-CD (CD-Adapco).


    I used to have a CFD codes list, but I'll have to dig through my archives to see if it's still viable.

    What is the particular area of interest? Thermal/heat transfer/transport or more complex, e.g. thermo-mechanical? Liquid or gas or both (two-phase)? Turbulent?
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    I'm sorry if I was not clear. I am a high schooler, and this is for a mandatory research project. I do not think that it would be worth the amount of money for these programs, just for this type of research project.

    I am doing the project on wind turbine blade designs as a set wind speed, and wanted to use a more accurate approach for getting results, ie CFD software, rather than building a mock up model of the turbine blades by hand, and just seeing how well they physically perform.
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