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CFD Theory Notes - Enjoy!

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    Here are some notes that I've finally compiled. They are taken over the course of the last two years of study and I've neatly coded them into a pdf by way of LaTeX for your enjoyment. I haven't gotten most of the figures in yet, but all of the equations are there, and most of the text/comments are in.

    Somehow it ended up being 114 pages, but the clickable table of contents can be used for fast navigation. I cannot take credit for this, I only typed it. These notes are mostly class notes.

    The particular CFD theory shown is fully structured (think brick elements), and includes many interesting topics such as wave number analysis, high order discretization, implicit time marching and more.

    Feel free to use in whatever way you feel. Thanks again and enjoy.

    http://www.eng.utoledo.edu/~mheminge/CFD_Notes.pdf [Broken]

    If I find time to make any changes, add figures, etc, I'll update that same link.

    edit: It is not the greatest reference, but for free it might help answer some questions. You may also notice that as the text goes on, my LaTeX coding gets better, and thus equations and other things start to look better as the text goes on.
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    Hey Minger that is great stuff!!

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    exactly what i need.
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    thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Wow, someone's been busy. Nice work.
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    Well, I have all of these written notes, and it's the start of a god-knows-how-long process of digitizing them all so they can be searchable. It was also a good way to really really learn Latex.

    Don't think I was _too_ busy though, the writing alone took like 8 months trying to knock out a page or two here and there.
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    Looks goooood minger! :smile:

    (You did a ton of typing!)
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    Hi Minger

    I downloaded those notes ages ago, they're really good. I used them a lot in a university project so can you please give me some details of Dr Ray Hixon so I can reference the notes in my bibliography?
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