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CFD tutorial

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    hi. I need some 3D CFD tutorial. Can anyone introduce some links to me besides cfd-online?
    And may I know how to import file from CATIA V5 into cfd? where can I find that information?

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    try the accessing the following link

    http://cfdcomputing.com [Broken]
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    You are in so very far over your head that if the surface exploded, chances are you wouldn't even know.

    I'm not trying to be mean, but in all honesty, that question is very software dependent. Whatever software you're using should have a great deal of tutorials available. However, before you can even import your problem to the cfd software, you need a mesh.

    You first need to learn how to get a decent mesh. We may not see you for six months.
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    to learn more for http://www.cfdtradersadvantage.com.au" [Broken] i'd try this link
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