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CG of frame

  1. Apr 17, 2008 #1

    I had a question on CG.
    I have a rectangular frame (say made of square tubes) and have a weight fastened to its lower arm (as shown in the attached pic.), which is not fastened on the center of the lower arm but is offset. however, the CG of the weight is in the same line as the pick point P.
    In this case, will the weight be unbalanced? (will I need a counterweight to keep it exactly horizontal). If not, would there be a moment in the lower arm?
    Would i need a counterweight in any case?

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    Welcome to PF, Vscid.
    That's a good question. My instinct tells me that there would be a counter-clockwise torque around the attachment point, but I suspect that the math will say otherwise. I'm not educated in these matters, so hang on for someone else to help you out.
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    If I consider the lower arm as a beam, do I consider it simply supported or cantiliver?
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    Sorry, dude... I can't answer that. I just build stuff.
    As I said, though, there are experts here who will help you out shortly.
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