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Chain lifting device

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    I'm looking for some input on the design of a lifting device.

    The design is required to accurately lower lower a load of 400 metric tonnes through a height of 50m, return to the top of it's travel and lower the next load and so on. I'm currently thinking along the lines of a two-pronged tower arrangement with guide rails located inside of the tower. The power is supplied by heavy duty anchor chain on each inside side and a windlass-type pulley system at top and bottom.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to next steps to take?
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    sounds like a crane, or a monorail
    Build some beams, with some cable, and size a motor and gearbox to your required torque
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    Are you asking this for your own interest and curiosity, or do you really need one of these things? If you need one, then I suggest you Google a bunch of crane manufacturers. In fact, I suggest you do it even if it's just out of interest. You'll get some knowledgeable people very eager to talk with you and tell you about their great products.
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    Hydraulic cylinders would work better seeing how you are trying to control 400,000 kg!

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    I'm also looking into hydraulic cylinder as a way to lift. Thinking of two working side by side to lift the load. What advantages do I gain over using chain?
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