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Homework Help: Chain Rule Differentiation

  1. Oct 16, 2005 #1
    h = 3x^2.y^3
    find dh/dt, if x=1, and y=2
    Also, dx/dt = 0.2, dy/dt = 0.1

    Any ideas where i should start in order to get this out?
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    Dr Transport

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    [tex] \frac{dh}{dt} = \sum_i \frac{dF}{dx_i}\frac{dx_i}{dt} [/tex], you have the expression for [tex] h [/tex] and the points at which to calculate the final answer.
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    I dont understand that expression, can you simplify your explanation please
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    If x is a function of t, f(x)= x^2, what does the chain rule say
    df/dt is?
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