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Chain rule proof

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    Is this proof of the chain rule valid ?

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    How did you get this?
    Did you write this yourself?
  4. Aug 22, 2013 #3
    It's from a textbook...I just re-typed it into a word doc...
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    Is it correct...I suspect there maybe some circular reasoning with the "error term" becoming 0 as h approaches 0.
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    It looks valid to me, but just tell us why you do not trust your book. At which part.
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    Can you explain to be the part on the bottom when we set g2=g(x+h) but E(g2) turns into E(g(x)) not E(g(x+h)) ?

    If that's valid, why is the limit as h approaches 0 of E(g(x)) is 0 ?
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