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Chaining together routers?

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    I'm looking to get 12 or 13 machines all on one LAN. Unfortunately, it appears that 12+ port networking devices cost $$$$. Would it work if I were to take a 4 port router and plug another 4 port router into one of the ports, then another 4 port router into that one, and then another, to give me a total of 13 ports (considering the ports taken up by connecting the four routers)? I don't think routers work like that... please tell me I'm wrong. What should I do to overcome my networking dilemma?

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    Yes but with switches (or hubs) not routers - only the first one should be a router.
    8 (or even 16) port switches are cheap, especially if you only need home networkign speeds
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    One router hooked up to a switch like this will work. And switches are very cheap. I got a 16 port switch 10/100 for $12 bucks.

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    For some reason, all the switches I was looking at earlier cost a fortune. All set now, though. Thanks for the help guys!
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