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Homework Help: Chair Configs Axial/Eq

  1. Sep 29, 2012 #1
    The question asks which is the more stable conformational isomer (A or B). i drew both chair configurations for each (see pic below). For the first chair, isn't B more stable because it has 1 eq. while A has none? For the second chair, isn't A more stable because it has 3 eq, and B only has 2?

    How do you determine overall which is more stable after drawing all 4 chairs (correct answer is A)?

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    Yes, the confomer of A that has 3 axial methyl groups has higher energy than the confomer of B that has only 1 axial methyl group.

    That is not the question. Your question was what compound is more stable. You look at the most stable conformer of each compound and compare only those two structures.
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